TIG 17


Cooling:Gas Cooled
Duty Cycle 35% DC:140A
Duty Cycle 35% AC:125A
Electrode Size:Φ0.5~2.4mm

Procurement code

AOZ1124-101              4M            Torch SINTIG 17 /4M/16MMQ/Integrated/M12×1

AOZ1128-101              8M            Torch SINTIG 17 /8M/16MMQ/Integrated/M12×1

AOZ2124-101              4M            Torch SINTIG 17F /4M/16MMQ/Integrated/M12×1

AOZ2128-101              8M            Torch SINTIG 17F /8M/16MMQ/Integrated/M12×1

AOZ3124-101               4M           Torch SINTIG 17V /4M/16MMQ/Integrated/M12×1

AOZ3128-101               8M           Torch SINTIG 17V /8M/16MMQ/Integrated/M12×1

AOZ4124-101               4M           Torch SINTIG 17VF /4M/16MMQ/Integrated/M12×1

AOZ4128-101               6M           Torch SINTIG 17VF /8M/16MMQ/Integrated/M12×1


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