IPX 82

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Current:80A With NHF
Duty Cycle:60%
Gas Pressure:4.4~5.0 BAR
Gas Flow:150~160L/min
Post Flow:80s
Recommended Value:25mm(500mm/min)

Procurement code+Optional accessory (X or Y or Z)

A    AVT2906+(?)               6M        Pneumatic-electric Integggrated/2Wires

A    AVT2907+(?)             12M        Pneumatic-electric Integggrated/2Wires

B    AVT2908+(?)               6M        Gas electric Separation/2Wires

B    AVT2909+(?)             12M        Gas electric Separation/2Wires

C   AVT2904+(?)                6M        Central Adapter/2Wires

C   AVT2905+(?)              12M        Central Adapter/2Wires

D   AVT20904+(?)             6M        Central Adapter/4Wires

D   AVT20905+(?)           12M        Central Adapter/4Wires

E   AVT2904-00+(?)         6M        Central Adapter/Coaxial

E   AVT2905-00+(?)       12M        Central Adapter/Coaxial



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